Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My MAC Nude Lip Tutorial

OK. Im going to steer away from skin care (sorry) and blog about my quest for the perfect Nude, lipliner, lipstick and gloss. For me, nude lips are elegant and low-key, however, as I have realized the word "nude" does not mean the same for many cosmetics companies. For me nude, is a light pink/beige/peach color, not as light as foundation but light enough to cover and tone down pigmented lips. Before I became a MAC worshipper, I trusted drug-store brands like Revlon, Neutrogena, Maybellene, etc. For a long time I was using Revlon's Taffeta lipstick, which is a "light nude", in reality it was not. Then Revlon came out with a matte line, and with a light nude shade called nude attitude. Many called this lipstick a dupe for MAC's myth, this is also not true. First of all the two have different finishes, which is important. Myth has a Satin finish (slightly more hydrating than matte) and Nude Attitude has a very drying finish which I personally hated. Why I love MAC, is because their color collection is far more superior. Nude Attitude may be called nude, but it is quite more orange and darker than Myth. Some of you might not care, but I personally did not like the way the color looked on me. Myth is a gorgeous nude color, however for many it is, even for a Satin finish too drying. Fortunately, the color Creme d' nude is almost the same as MAC, but has a creme-sheen finish. What about liner? Nude lip liners in drug stores are either too pink, too orange, come off easily or too dark, trust me I know. MAC's lipliners Stripdown and Spice are perfect for nude lips, for me personally Stripdown is perfect. Now for the gloss, obviously since I found both lipstick and liner in MAC, I decided that the gloss should be from there too. My three personal favorites are Underage (light peachy pink), Florabundance (similar to underage more peachy) and Wildly Lush Plush Glass, this one is less sticky and looks nice on its own. Now, to achieve the look is easier than you think, I have always been more of a lip than an eye girl so I use liner, stick and gloss all together because it comes out more finished and neat. In addition, because its so light, nude lipstick is easier to apply when you have some kind of a border. So, with that said line your lips with Stripdown or Spice, if you want a more pouty look line just outside, but very carefully we don't want to look like Joan Crawford. Next, if you are applying Myth please use a lip-brush, its more convenient, if you're applying Creme d' Nude there is no need, the lipstick is more sheer. Once you've applied the lipstick, brush a coat of gloss, not too much though, smooth and you are done! Why not too much gloss? MAC gloss, if used in obnoxious amounts tends to settle into fine lines and settle into the corners of your mouth where it mixes with saliva and forms white residue. Yes it sounds gross, but many women complain about this problem, just don't use so much gloss.

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