Monday, September 14, 2009

Flying and Looking Great

Today we are going to discuss, skin care and traveling, in particular how to treat your skin before, during and after a long plane ride. As you know, and most likely experienced, plane rides are not an enjoyable treat for you face and hair. When a plane is in the air, the humidity level within it is around 4-5%, (as compared to cities where the lowest is 50%) this is needed to battle corrosion (since its made out of metal). Although this is great for the plane, for your skin it means NO MOISTURE!

If people with oily skin comment on how dehydrated and dull their skin feels and looks after a few hours on board, then how do the dry and sensitive survive? Logically reasoning, if you will be flying, you must moisturize thoroughly before the flight, nowadays they wont let any beauty products to go with you, so be prepared beforehand. Secondly you should moisturize your eyes and eyeballs, what I mean is invest in a great eye-cream and put some Visine in since after every flight most people look like red eyed zombies. Thirdly if you use acne fighting products that contain drying agents, such as Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzol Peroxide, etc lay off, your skin will later on produce even more oil to combat the extreme dryness. If you are able to, don't wear make-up, I know some of you will not even consider it, but even the best make-up will end up looking dry and flaky towards the end of the trip. If you can skip the foundation and just use some concealer and blush, eye and lip make-up can be applied as usual. Next is what you should and shouldn't eat/drink in order to save your skin. Most of my friends fear flying so the minute alcohol can be served they attack it and then sleep their way through the voyage. If you are more afraid of looking terrible than flying I suggest to stay away from the alcohol, coffee, tea because all of these drinks dehydrate you even more. Water and drinking lots of it will make the trip more bearable, in addition its much healthier. Before you depart eat your vitamins, Vitamins A, C the B group and Chromium will further protect your skin and hair from dehydration and irritation. Lastly, I suggest to eat a hearty, healthy meal before you set foot on the plane, because airplane food is evil. Not only is the stuff laden with unwanted calories, but the amount of sodium it contains is unbelievable, remember sodium will dehydrate you even further. If you're hungry and cant take it anymore nibble on the bread and salad and just wait till you land, its not that difficult. After you land, use a calming mask (such as the Mario Badescu Azulene Mask) and continue drinking a lot of water for the next 1-2 days.

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