Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mario Badescu

Today I am going to talk about Mario Badescu and why he is completely amazing. One day strolling in the Upper East Side I came upon the Mario Badescu Salon and decided to see what all the hype is about. Inside I was recommended a few products for my lovely combination/sensitive/acne-prone skin, so here's what I bought.
The Drying Mask: A Mask truly like no other, I was speechless after I washed it off. Yes it smells like turpentine, or something I would use for my Boyfriends Maxima but the results are incredible. I have break outs mainly on my cheeks, and it really bothers me, this mask dried everything up and took care of those nasty scabs that form after you pick at your skin. In conclusion my skin felt very clean and healthy.
Glycolic Foaming Cleanser - A great product but use with caution, it can easily dry out even oily skin if used everyday. Overall has a great sent, good ingredients and it deep cleans very well. Usually I use Philosophy's cleansers but once in a while when I feel that my skin is getting too oily and congested I use this.
Azulene Calming Mask - Oh god this smells amazing and feels so soothing when you use it!!!! A truly wonderful mask that gets rid of any redness and gives your skin a healthy rosy glow. Many people complain about a waxy residue on their face after washing the mask off, if it bothers you a toner should get rid of it, I personally leave it on.
Special C Cleansing Lotion - OK, the smell nasty and the color reminds me of urine, HOWEVER, product is a staple if you have oily or troublesome skin. Yes I know some of you get easily turned off by weird smells and colors, however many products mask odors with fragrances which can be composed of thousands of different chemicals, something not good. Overall leaves skin disinfected (has Boric Acid and Nonoxynol 9 both antibacterial agents) and quite refreshed (also has cucumber extract).

Whitening Mask - A creamy white mask designed to lighten your face and get rid of pesky discoloration. For a natural product this works quite well, I sometimes leave it overnight for those annoying scars that take forever to fade and in the morning they are less visible. I like this mask and leave it on for about 20 minutes instead of 5-10 (out of laziness).
Out of all of them I recommend The Azulene and the Drying Masks, they are keepers.

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