Monday, July 6, 2009

Spa at Home? Yes you can

Why spend your savings on treatments that you can do at home during a recession? Facials, or or what I call 1st degree skin assault is something I wouldn’t recommend. Yes its fancy, and feels nice, but do you know what exactly they are slathering on your face or how sanitary everything is? Based on personal experience, I ended up with a face that resembled a pizza, because my cosmetologist wasn’t experienced in extractions. After 150 dollars of pure abuse I decided to work on home spa procedures and here are a few that I personally love. If you have any of your own please submit them!

Honey Sugar Scrub

1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl. Apply scrub to face. Gently, massage your face for two minutes and then leave on the scrub for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water and enjoy.

Papaya Yogurt Mask

The whole point of facials, peels and many other procedures is to get rid of the dead skin cells polluting your face. Chemical peels are harsh, expensive and just plain scary. I have heard and seen horror stories about people buying fake peels on ebay, applying them and discovering in a few minutes that their face is hideously disfigured. Folks if you want to buy the peel here is the website please don’t risk it, there are a lot of sick people distributing paint thinners and rust removers as peels. On a happier note this mask will effectively exfoliate and if used once every week will make you look fabulous.

1 Small piece of fresh papaya, two tablespoons of plain yogurt (try Faje). Mash the papaya to a pulp add yogurt and apply to face. Leave on for 20 minutes and then gently wash off with warm water. The lactic acid in the yogurt and the Papain in the papaya will take care of everything.

The next procedure is for those that want a deeper exfoliation, it may sound a bit strange bit it works.

Aspirin Face Mask

Dissolve four coated Aspirins in a few drops of mild water. Add more water if needed until you get a paste that can be applied to the face.Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. This mask contains salicylic acid in a milder and more natural form, it is great alternative for those who mistrust contemporary skin care.

Last but not least is a hydrating mask for those with dry skin.

Cucumber and olive oil mask

About half a cucumber very finely diced, three teaspoons olive oil, two teaspoons plain yogurt. Mix above ingredients into a fine paste, preferably mash the cucumber. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash off with cold water. Your skin should feel soft and healthy.

Strawberry Mask

Ever heard of AHA's and BHA's? AHA is an abbreviation for alpha hydroxy acids. BHA's are an abbreviation for beta hydroxy acids (one example is salicylic acid). Both of them are amazing at exfoliating the skin. Strawberries are conveniently loaded with both and with a little twist can be used in an amazing mask. Take 5 strawberries two tablespoons of sour cream, mash together in a paste and apply to your face for 20 minutes. Afterwards gently wash off the mask with warm water.

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