Friday, July 24, 2009

Six Natural Brands You Should Give a Whirl

Korres - Love this brand, because it really is natural and safe to use on your face, hair, armpits, what have you. Established in Athens, Korres offers a great line of make-up products that just hit Sephora as well as a wonderful line of skin care products. Some of the skin care masks Im not crazy about since its easy to make the same thing at home, but the make-up is incredible. My current favorite is the Watermelon tinted moisturizer, its natural, safe to use and I cant get enough of it.

Jason - This line has been around for a while, and if you read my hair blog, offers a great line of truly natural shampoos. The one that Im currently using is the Kiwi Volumizing Shampoo, and although its difficult to apply (doesn’t foam a lot and is pretty runny)my hair feels very different after using it. First of all, my hair gets oily after about 3 days of washing, where as before I needed to wash it every day. Secondly I actually have volume and my previously limp hair no longer looks like a feather duster. Lastly it SHINES, in fact (many of you will hate me) it looks much better now than after using Redken and Bumble and Bumble shampoos. Jason also has a great line of natural deodorants that are safe to apply and have no industrial chemicals.

Kiss My Face - this brand carries a great line of moisturizers for the body that smell divine and contain all sorts of healthy botanicals. The one that I love is the Chinese Botanical Moisturizer, it has a lovely scent, no parabens or mineral oil and feels very refreshing. Kiss My Face also carries a great selection of organic shampoos that you should give a try.

Burts Bee’s - Who hasn’t experienced Burts Bee’s? This brand took natural skin care to a new level and created more consumer product awareness. Everything in this brand is great and really works, especially the beeswax hand creme. Another great perk is their baby line, which is really necessary if you are an expecting mother. Burts Bees uses ingredients like propolis, shea butter, and royal jelly in their products, something everyone should use or at least try out.

Alba Botanica - A brand that is now thankfully being sold in pharmacies, Alba Botanica has two lines that I find very nice. One of them is tropical and exfoliating the other is marine and deep cleansing. The tropical one is loaded with papaya, pine apple and many other naturally exfoliating ingredients. The papaya enzyme mask is my favorite because its a safe alternative to chemicals peels and other drastic procedures.

Lush- This brand is my favorite, because its hand-made, very natural and innovative. Lush has solid shampoos that are effective and don’t endanger the environment, or your hair for that matter. Lush also has fantastic soaps, scrubs, masks, bath fizzes, creams, lotions etc. All of them are organic and many of them are vegan which is also great. My favorite is the Ocean Salt Scrub, its moisturizing and leaves my skin very clean.

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