Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen

Today we will discuss sunscreen, its importance and the one brand I use and adore. Many of you love tanning, I myself was tanorexic in high-school and would throw a hissy fit leaving the house with that "glow". Sadly a year ago my fellow tanee needed for large moles removed on her back due to a change in shape and diameter. When asked if she tanned, she casually responded "all the time" to which the doctor announced that the moles were cancerous and needed to be surgically removed at once. For me this was a reality check, although I love the look of a nice tan, I questioned the necessity of it. Finally I went back to my pasty self and got comfortable with the idea that pale is also beautiful. Which brings me to the product I will discuss today. Blue Lizard Sunscreen is pretty darn wonderful. Although it is annoying to apply due to its thick consistency, and if you don't rub it in it will leave a white residue. Its main ingredients are zinc oxide(10%) and titanium dioxide (5%), which is a non irritating UVA/UVB blocking agent. The sunscreen has SPF 30 and comes in 3 different varieties, Sport, Sensitive and Regular. Personally I love the Sensitive because its fragrance free and the smells in most sunscreens usually scream strawberry daiquiri or pina colada (which irritates me). Sport has a mild floral fragrance and Regular is coconut scented. Blue Lizard does a fantastic job at protecting me from burns, and if I spend a day in the sun I get some color. Sadly I cant use this for my face, due to some pore clogging ingredients, however my tinted moisturizer has SPF 30 so Im fine. Blue Lizard can be bought in most drug stores and is great for people who are sensitive to various chemical sunscreen ingredients.

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  1. I highly recommend you try Soléo - organic, doesn't clog pores, thin-applying and doesn't give the ashy/white look. I have *the* most sensitive and acne-prone skin of anyone I know, and have been using this from head to toe. It's great. Also developed in Australia and fragrance free.


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